arnaud poumarat

"My approach to lighting resembles the formation of a sculpture, the essence of motion and movement and the dynamic link between rhythm and music".


Born in 1978 in France. Since 2005, he has been based in Berlin and works with international artists, dance and theater companies.


2009 Formation of the moving lights desks such as Grand MA, WholeHOG III, Pearl, MagicQ

2007 Formation of the interactive software MAX MSP

2003-2004 Support from German-French exchange office to practice in Berlin for 9 months

2000-2003 Graduated in section lighting design and lighting technic in the Institute for Theater Arts and Theater Technic (ENSATT – Lyon- France)


He has been enhancing his lighting design stalls by working for dance, theater and opera performances and by presenting his own lighting installations as well.

In Berlin he works for the German dance company "Sasha Waltz’n Guests" (noBody, Insideout, Gezeiten) and designed performances for choreographers of the companie like Luc Dunberry and Laurie Young. For music theater he has been designing for Nico’n the Navigators and Anne Hirth-Büro für Zeit und Raum.

In France he has been working together with the choreographer Catherine Dreyfus and in 2005 and 2007 he had designed lighting for the Ballet National de l’Opéra du Rhin.

In Italy he developps an artistical collaboration with the director and video maker Filippo Andreatta.

In 2006 he presented his first lighting installation called Anima in Lyon by the Fête des Lumières. He’s been working on an interactive project, "La Sphère de lumière" together with the componist Jacopo Baboni Schillingi and academicians, where blind people perform with dancers.

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